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Dominica is island rich in history and culture as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site for nature.  Alternating between English and French rule has left a delightful mix of Creole French and British Colonialism.  Early settlers were the Kalinago who made their way from South America to the Caribbean and their descendents also contribute to the preserved culture on the island. Dominica became fully independent from Britain in 1978 and is now realising it is a very special place due to its inaccessible terrain.  However it remains far behind in development compared with its close neighbours and the visitor will not find on arrival the typical glitzy Caribbean island but the vistor will find on arrival an island undisturbed by tourism with happy, friendly people waving along the breathtakingly beautiful ride from the airport and within a few minutes you know you are in paradise and the surprises begin!

Hiking on Dominica will suit all levels.  Perhaps you just wish to spend days mostly relaxing in the tropics, birdwatching, noting the flora and with no more than a shortish walk along a well cleared, well signed path to a tranquil lake or gushing waterfall.  At a moderate level, there are plenty of moss covered trails crossing warm streams leading to even more spectacular waterfalls or hotpools for bathing.  But for the truly enthusiastic hiker there's the haunting Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation which takes you far into the interior of the island hours from the rest of the world as well as mountain peaks such as Morne Diablotins at 4747 feet to climb.   Easier hikes can be left to individuals to take at their own pace, but more challenging walks will benefit the company of one of the islands' expert registered guides.

To all this can be added the attraction of a comfortable Eco Lodge style accommodation, an ideal climate for hiking and freedom from poisonous, biting creatures!  The Ocean offers further opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving and whale watching.  Food is pure, plentiful and very natural with an abundance of fruits, fish and vegetables leave you glowing with health when you return.  Dominica is an island which will truly captivate your senses with every intention to return...and most people do.


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