• How does the booking process work?
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
  • Is there a deposit?
  • How do I pay?
  • When would I need to pay the balance?
  • How does baggage transfer work?
  • What’s included?
  • Do I need to train before my holiday?
  • Do I need travel insurance?

Every trip is tailor made just for you, so once you have enquired with us giving as much information as you can as to what you would like we will then send out a quote to you. Once you have received your quote they are valid for 14 days. Thereafter they are subject to change.

Once you have agreed with the quote given we will then request you fill out a booking form and we will begin the process of checking the availability of the accommodation for your chosen holiday for the dates you have given us. At this stage we will need your payment details, so we are able to take your deposit once we have accommodation confirmation and move on to booking your flights.

Once we can confirm availability and book all your accommodation we will then book your flights if we are arranging them for you. The important thing is not to book flights (if you are booking them yourself) until we have confirmation for your accommodation.

We require a deposit of £250 per person. We reserve the right in some instances where an air fare requires pre-payment to increase the deposit amount.

Once everything has been confirmed you will receive your booking confirmation within the next 5 working days.

We suggest you book as soon as you decide on your dates. Each trip has busy seasons, and due to remote locations, accommodations can get full. We will always try and accommodate your plans no matter when you book, and we have some very useful contacts and relationships.

Yes, we require a deposit of £250 per person. We reserve the right in some instances where an air fare requires pre-payment to increase the deposit amount.

If you are in the UK:
Credit card payments - We will need the card number, expiry date, the CVV (3-digit number on the back), and address to which the card is registered, and commencement date or issue date if there is one on the card or you can arrange a bank to bank transfer and we will give you our bank details.

Cheques - Please make cheques payable to New Experience Holidays

If you are overseas:

You can arrange a bank to bank transfer to us
Post a cheque to our office in the UK

Use a credit card - We will email you a PayPal invoice. Some of these payments will carry a surcharge depending on the currency.

The balance for your holiday would be due 2 months prior to your departure date.

Many of our trips come with baggage transfer included (some have optional baggage transfer, and on very few remote trips baggage transfer is unavailable but do check the exact tour inclusions).

You will drop your overnight bags (one per person) by an allotted time each morning in a designated area in your hotel or B&B. This means you are able to enjoy your walk without the extra weight and only have you backpack of essentials with you.

Your baggage will be transferred to your next night's accommodation and it will usually arrive before you do! Each information pack will advise you of any weight limits or restrictions you should be aware of.

This varies as all our holidays are different but usually accommodation, baggage transfers, comprehensive information packs and guidebooks (usually one set of trip documentation/info pack will be sent per booking. Additional sets are available upon request - please contact us for more details).

Expert organisation using our team's insights and of course 24/7 emergency support whilst you are on your trip.

It really depends on the trip. We offer a variety of holiday grades to help you select the right level of activity for you. As long as you know what you can and can’t do you can decide for yourself if you want some extra training behind you before your departure date.

We take holiday insurance very seriously. We ask for details at time of booking and we will not send out final documents unless we have insurance details as we insist on holding them on file in case of emergency. Due to a change in the legal position and the requirement to be licensed by the FSA, we have decided to no longer sell insurance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. When you do purchase your own insurance please check the level of cover, if there are any altitude restrictions, and if medical repatriation is included.