Benefits of a Walking Holiday

A walking holiday can mean any kind of walking whether its walking along the coast, reaching heights in the mountains, walking through vineyards, meadows and forests or walking alongside lakes and rivers. There is a walking holiday for everyone and a walking holiday suitable for all ages and exercise types.

So, what are the benefits of going on a walking holiday?

Walking is a great way to keep fit

Come back from your holiday fitter than you were before you left! Many people love a holiday but once they’re home feel guilty for over-indulging. Walking holidays are a great way to exercise and explore the world at the same time, a win, win situation! You can work off any over indulgences as you go!

Skill development

When you are out walking you may find that you improve on some skills such as reading a map, understanding GPS tracking, following instructions given to you for the walk or maybe even improve on your foreign language skills. At the end after your day’s walk you wil have a sense of achievement and may find that you feel a sense of self confidence that you have managed to do all these things to get to your destination.  

Time out

Walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life. When walking, people tend to forget about their mobile phone and switch off from social media and the internet. In fact, many walking areas do not have internet or phone signals, so you can enjoy the chance to truly get away from it all and give you a chance to reboot.

Walking is very affordable

Forget hiring a car, catching a train or paying for a taxi because you can use your own two feet to get around! Walking holidays are far less expensive than many other forms of travel.

The feeling of accomplishment

Walking provides a personal sense of achievement when you arrive at your destination after a day’s walking or even at the end of you walking holiday, much more pronounced than any sense of achievement you get from hopping off a coach or cruise. You may not realise it until you make it to your destination and feel that achievement, but it will do wonders for your confidence!

Reach new areas

Walking heightens access to the world, using your own two feet you can access areas that any other form of transport wouldn’t be able to reach. Walk to those places that enable you to go off the beaten track and they wander through fields, rugged countryside, quaint villages, forests and vineyards.

Cultural understanding

On your walking holiday you may be walking past remarkable sights and locations with a story to tell. There is an opportunity to gain insight into the history, lifestyle and food habits of the different cultures of a land. With this insight comes an understanding of the land that can lead to a much deeper appreciation of the area and the respect that you give it.

Walking is eco-friendly

Walking is friendly to the environment. As walking trails are much thinner than motorways or roads, walking leaves a much smaller ecological footprint.