Holiday Types

Our holidays are split into the following 3 types

Hotel-to-Hotel Treks

Follow a defined route from one hotel to the next whilst your bags are transferred for you either by car, train, bus, boat, porter or even mule! Most of our hotel-to-hotel treks are self-guided and all offer a real sense of achievement with extremely rewarding experiences. You can choose from an easy, moderate or challenging trek. Staying in a different accommodation each night brings diversity to your holiday and means you can see much more of the region, some of which may only be accessible on foot. Very satisfying!

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Single Centred

With no packing up and moving on, this is a more relaxing style of holiday where you can truly immerse yourself in the local life of your chosen destination. You can even have a ‘day off’ from walking if you want. Staying in one of our hand-picked hotels, your New Experience Walk Booklet will suggest a variety of walks available direct from your hotel or by utilising local transport.  Guided walking from your hotel may also be available, just call to ask us.

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Two/Multi Centred

To optimise walking areas, some of our holidays are based around 2 or 3 hotels, offering a selection of easy, moderate and challenging walks (as is with our single centres). Ideal if you want to cover a large walking area but not trek to a different hotel every day. These holidays give you complete flexibility to opt in or out each day.

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Short Break Walks

Discover more, in less time! We have carefully selected the highlights of our trekking holidays to create exclusive three-night walking trips. Our range of Short Break Walks is fantastic for those who are short on time, yet still want to become completely immersed in the walking way of life! Our exciting European destinations are widely varied ranging from the rolling vineyards of Tuscany to the unforgettable hikes of Switzerland, and from the dramatic fjords of Norway to our very own Wales, home to the mighty Snowdon. There is also plenty of choice for all ability levels with walks graded easy, moderate or challenging.

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