Know Before You Go

Your New Experience holiday documents will have all the details you will need to know about your trip and will be with you a few weeks before departure. However, preparation is key, and you may want to start preparing for your holiday now!

Know how fit you need to be

Whichever walking holiday you are about to embark on make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. New Experience walking holidays range from easy to challenging and require a different level of fitness. It is also best to understand approximately how far you will be walking each day and the elevation of the walks that will give you a useful measure to be able to test yourself against.  

The weather can change wherever you are

It may be a walking holiday in a country that promises sunshine for the duration of your walk, but the weather can very quickly change.  There will be a suggested kit list in your holiday documents pack but now is a good time to check your kit is in order and you have everything for four seasons in one day.

Make sure your walking boots are ready for your holiday

Your feet are your most crucial body part on your walking holiday and you don’t want blisters and rubbing from walking boots. Make sure your walking boots have been worn in and have good tread before you go. It is also worth checking that laces are not about to break. Happy feet for a happy holiday! 

Learn the lingo

It may be worth learning a few phrases of the country you are visiting to get you by (try the duolingo app). You can download an app to your phone for translation or take a phrasebook if you prefer.

Cultural research

You may like to read up on which speciality food and drink you might like to try, or which places you would like to visit to make sure you get the very best out of your trip.