How To Book

Every trip is tailor made for you. After your initial enquiry and having given us as much information as you can as to what you would like we will then send out a quote to you. Quotes are valid for 14 days and subject to change thereafter.

Once you have agreed to the quote, we will then ask you fill out a booking form and we will begin the process of checking the availability of the accommodation for your chosen holiday for the dates you have given us. At this stage we will need your payment details, so we are able to take your deposit once we have accommodation confirmation. Once your accommodation is booked, we will then book your flights if we are arranging them for you. The important thing is not to book flights (if you are booking them yourself) until we have confirmation for your accommodation.

We require a deposit of £250 per person. We reserve the right where an air fare requires pre-payment to increase the deposit amount.

Once everything has been confirmed you will receive your booking confirmation within the next 5 working days.