Responsible Travel

At New Experience Holidays, we work hard to ensure that we are environmentally responsible in all aspects of our business. Responsible travel is, and always has been, one of the core values of New Experience Holidays. We want to offer holidays which positively impact the people and places we visit.

Outside the office

We aim to handpick family run hotels which support the families and local communities. These hotels also offer a better understanding of traditional cultures to those who stay there.

We ensure that local people benefit economically by employing them as guides, drivers and porters, we also ensure we recommend our clients to eat in local restaurants.

Many of our holidays take place in remote, rural areas where depopulation is a threat to the local economy. By holidaying in these regions, you help to bring employment and regeneration to these areas.

    In the office

    We recycle as much waste as possible, including paper, cardboard packaging, plastic bottles, batteries, light bulbs, our used printer cartridges. We also donate any unwanted printers to local charities and surplus stationery to the local school.

    We make a conscious effort in the office not to print documents unless necessary.

    Local staff cycle to and from work whatever the weather!