Danielle Horsman

Position: Document Despatch Executive

Expertise: Document Despatch

Support Areas: Sales & Administration

Background: Born in Leeds and travelled a lot with parents whilst growing up. Started work in a solicitor’s office and wanted to travel more so spent a couple of years in Dublin as an au pair then returned to Leeds to work in the property sector. Recently moved to Wales and started at New Ex. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling around North Wales to explore her new home, reading and researching various topics of interest and gaming. 

Travels: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey and UAE.

Top Tip: Enjoy the modern aspects of your destination but it’s worth researching local history to truly understand a place

Favourite Destination: Not travelled to any New Ex destinations, but each place becomes more appealing after working on a booking!

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