Anna Brown

Position: Product Executive

Expertise: Product Research & Development

Support Areas: Sales & Administration

Background: Anna has always had an interest and love for travel and was lucky enough to enjoy many family holidays growing up. After studying psychology at Swansea University, Anna decided it was time to create her own travels, so after much saving, set off across Northern America and Mexico. She then spent 7 months in Canada working as an au pair before deciding it was time to come home.   Once Anna was back in her beloved North Wales, she found her ideal job allowing her to grow her passion for travel. Through New Experience, she has visited and learned about many destinations she never would have thought to explore; she’s keen to explore more! 

Travels: Australia, Canada, Catalonia, China, Crete, Gozo, Greece, Hungary, La Gomera, La Palma, Madeira, Mallorca, South Africa, Switzerland & Tenerife. 

Top Tip: Roll your clothes whilst packing, instead of folding. It saves space and you should have less creases!

Favourite Destination: China! One of Anna’s favourite aspects of travelling is experiencing new foods and said that China was a culinary delight.

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