Walking Holidays in Bulgaria - Bulgaria - Rodopi Mountains

Holiday Highlights
  • Spectacular gorges and steep rocky slopes across the Rodopi Mountains
  • Explore beautiful caves with waterfalls and a stunning monastery
  • Experience old traditions in an area yet to be influenced by the modern world

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Bulgaria has an ancient and rich history, the Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Slavs and Turks have all inhabited the country in their time, all leaving behind their mark either through buildings, language, gastronomy or culture. The country is one of the EU’s newest additions bringing benefits to the visitor.

Our trek takes you through some of the least known and most authentic parts of the Rodopi Mountains. This mountain range is in the south of the country bordering Northern Greece, known as Bulgaria’s most lyrical mountain famed as birthplace of the legendary musician Orpheus. The landscape takes in spectacular gorges and steep rocky slopes which open on to tiered fields and pine forests. The area is littered with small picturesque villages mostly in the valleys. The traditions of Bulgaria's Slavs are strongest in the Rodopi and it is here that most of the Muslim population live.

You pass through some of the most spectacular parts of the Rodopi Mountains, namely; the Trigrad Gorge, the Devil’s Throat Cave, the Miraculous Bridges amongst others. The trail affords breathtaking views over high rocky cliffs, woods, alpine meadows and the tiny villages where you can observe Bulgaria at its best untainted by the influence of western society.

Day 1 Transfer from the airport to your first accommodation in Devin. If you arrive early explore this small village before dinner.

Day 2 You begin following a picturesque nature trail along the valley of the Devinska River. A short transfer then takes you to the entrance of the Yagodinska Peshtera Cave, one of Bulgaria’s longest and prettiest caves which you can opt to explore. The afternoon brings a colourful kaleidoscope of landscapes that will immerse you into the traditional lives of local people, passing through rolling crests and valleys before you reach Trigrad where you will spend the next three nights.

Ascent: 370m. Descent: 285m. Distance: 9 1/4 miles. Time: 6 - 7 hours.

Day 3 Today you enjoy a pleasant walk to the ambient village of Vodni Pad right by the Greek border. A circular trail takes you up panoramic crests, through green meadows past sheltered valleys and traditional stone houses. The final stretch follows the delightful babbling Trigradska River back to Trigrad.

Ascent: 385m. Descent: 340m. Distance: 11 miles. Time: 5 1/2 hours.

Day 4 Magnetic sights follow each other on another circular hiking tour around Trigrad, with the authentic village of Zhrebevo at its distant end. Legend has it, the village was named after a stallion which shielded it from trouble and strife. Along the route, you observe the entry to the Trigradsko Zhdrelo Gorge and enjoy the wonderful panorama to surrounding parts. This is also the best option to visit the Dyavolskoto Gyrlo (The Devil's Throat) Cave, housing the highest underground waterfall on the Balkans - 42m high. (5-6hrs of walking; 18km/11miles, climbing and descending 700m/2150ft.)

Ascent: 880m. Descent: 645m. Distance: 13 miles. Time: 7 1/2 hours.

Day 5 You are collected from your hotel and transferred to the village of Beden to begins today’s panoramic trek. The views of the Rodopi’s green crests change at each turn. Your day ends at the distinctive village of Lyaskovo with unforgettable charm and unique atmosphere. Your stay here will leave you with wonderful memories of Rhodope hospitality.

Ascent: 480m. Descent: 560m. Distance: 13 miles. Time: 6 1/2 hours.

Day 6 A picturesque hiking route through one of the Rhodopes’ most beautiful forests (yet one little known among tourists) takes you to the amazing rock formations of the Chudni Mostove (The Wonderful Bridges): a natural rocky phenomenon that will impress you. From here, you are transferred to the village of Kossovo: a unique mountain community where you overnight in a restored traditional stone house. 

Ascent: 950m. Descent: 950m. Distance: 11 miles. Time: 5-6 hours.

Day 7 After breakfast you are transferred to Bulgaria’s second-largest monastery at Bachkovo where you may view the miracle working icon of Virgin Mary. You then transfer to Plovdiv where you can explore the main sites of interest in the Old Town. Once finished in Plovdiv you are transferred to Sofia. Overnight Sofia

Day 8 Transfer to the airport for your flight home.
Baggage Transfer

Your bag is transferred for you when required to your next hotel so that you can enjoy walking with just a day pack.

Walk Grading

Self-guided – Moderate. Total for standard week ignoring variations:- Ascent 2915m, Descent 2250m, 55 miles. 

This map is for illustration purposes only and we cannot be held responsible for its accuracy.

Bulgaria trek

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We have personally stayed in or visited all of our accommodations. They have all been selected for their great locations, friendly atmosphere and traditional hospitality, as well as the warm welcome they offer to walkers. Below is a summary of our usual accommodations*.

On this trek, the accommodations are mostly small and family-run, all rooms have a private bathroom.


Availability Information

Walking is possible from May until October. July and August can be quite hot but early morning starts will reduce the impact.

Please note our best to go information is generally referring to the walking which may fall in the early or late season in some places. This may mean that not all tourist facilities will be open at the time you visit.

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