Walking Holidays in Turkey - Turkey - Lycian Way West

Holiday Highlights
  • Follow the truly spectacular coastline with rugged cliffs of pine forests
  • Visit historical sites dating back beyond Roman times to a pre-classical period
  • Wind around the contours of Baba Dag, the highest mountain in the area standing majestic at just under 2000m

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On this walk you are always tracking the coast line which is truly spectacular. Rugged cliffs of pine forests plunge into turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Between them are small bays of sand and shingle accessible only by boat or on foot.  You quickly leave the area of tourism development and are soon surrounded by Turkish rural life which has changed little over the centuries. You pass through villages clinging to the mountain side where the inhabitants eke out a living farming on the not so fertile land. You walk through pine forests with the beautiful resin filled air so evocative of this area. You are in an area that has been inhabited for centuries and testament to this is the many historical sites you will visit, dating back beyond Roman times to a pre-classical period. All in a truly spectacular landscape.

You begin at the beginning, that is to say the official start of the 500km long Lycian way. The route you walk is 98km in length and you will use generally good paths with some paths being wide tractor tracks. There are some small asphalt sections but we have tried to avoid this where possible by providing short transfers at the beginning and end of some days. The route is marked well in most places however our walk notes are often essential in keeping you on the correct path. You are often in remote areas, there are no exposed sections however you are often close to a cliff edge but on a wide path. 

Day 1:

Fly to Dalaman and you will be transferred to your hotel. If you arrive early visit nearby Kayakoyou, it is a tiny abandoned village, originally a Greek settlement called Livissi. Following the Turkish War of Independence in 1922, the inhabitants were resettled in the Peloponnese as part of a population exchange. The village was abandoned and was then devastated by an earthquake in 1957; you will see remnants of the stone houses around the village.

Day 2:

A delightful introduction to the rural Turkish landscape. Starting at the most western point of the 500 kms ancient trail at Ovacik, you take a long and fairly steep climb on good paths. As you climb, you will be rewarded with fantastic views down to the indigo sea and golden beach at Olu Deniz. From Kirme the route commences downhill past a millstream to Faralya with stunning views down into Kelebek Vadisi (Butterfly valley).

Ascent 635m Descent 600m Distance: 9 ¾ miles 6 hours 

Day 3:

This walk winds around the contours of Baba Dag; the highest mountain in the area standing majestic at just under 2000 metres. As you meander through the pine forests you will be rewarded by marvellous views down to Kabak Beach. If you are lucky you may see wild ponies along the route. Spend a couple of hours at the beach, there is good shade and the sea is safe, although there are no facilities. Finally, you walk back up to the village of Kabak where you can sit and enjoy the views with refreshments at Mama’s Restaurant from where you will be collected in the afternoon, and transferred back to Faralya.  

Ascent: 395m Descent: 505m Distance: 6 miles 5 hours

Day 4:

A short transfer back to Kabak. The first part of the walk is a short but steep route that climbs majestically out of the Kabak Valley, offering wonderful views back down to the sea at Kabak Beach. As you approach Alinca you will see the deep inlets of Yedi Burun (Seven Noses or Headlands). Alinca is perched on the top of a ridge with sheer cliffs descending in reddish steps to the sea, some 800 metres below. From Alinca you are able to trace the start of the Lycian Way, back at at Olu Deniz. From Alinca you follow a steep winding path towards the sea to the head of the valley. It continues around to a domed Ottoman cistern and then upwards towards Gey, then there is a short transfer back to Alinca for the  night.

Ascent: 900m Descent: 350m 11 ½  miles 7 - 8 hours (allowing for refreshment stops and picnic-lunch), this can be shortened by stopping in Alinca.  

Day 5:

Short transfer to Gey, then start on a wide tractor trail and winds down towards the sea. You traverse the mountainside arriving in the pretty village of Bel before once again following the contours of the mountain and reaching wide-open meadows with sheep grazing and a gentle descent to the Lycian ruins at Sidyma. Spend a couple of hours exploring the scattered stones, columns and pretty mosque in the tranquillity of the almost derelict village with just 50 inhabitants. Return by transfer to Alinca.

Ascent: 505m Descent: 575m 8 ¼ miles 5 hours 

Day 6:

Today’s trek descends from Bel down to the sea at Pydnai, some 600 metres below. Traversing the side of the mountain in the main with plenty of stunning views down to the sea and the western end of the 14km long Patara beach. Your final descent to the pick-up spot where the river meets the sea at Pydnai presents you with some excellent aerial views of the ancient city of Pydnai not apparent from ground level. Take your costumes for a swim at the end. Transfer to Patara for your accommodation. 

Ascent: 330m Descent: 1005m 10 ¼ miles  6 hours 

Day 7:

A choice for today, either make it the longest or shortest days walking.

The longest is mainly easy on well-marked paths as you follow the headland around from Patara towards Eren Dag. Hugging the coastline you are afforded marvellous views of the headlands of Yali Burin. The path then descends around low rocky cliffs and onto dirt track to Delikkemer before winding around the headland and back to Patara through a cool pine tree forest. Take your swimming costume and enjoy a dip at the 16km point at Pinaronu Beach. Or you can always stay by the hotel pool for the day. Ascent: 630m Descent: 630m 15 miles 8 hours 


You walk to Patara Beach and take the opportunity for a final swim. En-route you enter the ancient city of Patara and have a chance to visit and wander around the ruins. It’s a small entrance fee but the hotel will issue you tickets at no cost. Patara became the capital city of Lycia in the 3rd century B.C. because of its access to the sea, and it’s a fitting end to the week’s trek along its ancient paths. Ascent: 80m Descent 80m  5 miles 3 – 4 hours

Day 8:

If you have a late flight home you can undertake the shorter walk listed for yesterday. Then transfer to the airport just under 2 hours.

Baggage Transfer

Your baggage is transferred from hotel to hotel so you can just walk with a day pack. We also include a number of small transfers to get you to the start and finish of the walks.

Walk Grading

Self-guided – Moderate to Challenging. Total for standard week ignoring variations:- Ascent 3395m, Descent 3665m, 60 miles.

This map is for illustration purposes only and we cannot be held responsible for its accuracy.

Turkey - Lycian Way West

You stay each night in rooms with your own private bathroom and WC. English is spoken in every hotel, to varying degrees. You will enjoy renowned Turkish hospitality, dinner and traditional breakfast will feature many Turkish specialties, including local fish and meat. All rooms have heating for the colder nights.


Availability Information

The best time to walk this section is in spring or autumn; February-May or September-November. June is a possibility but you would need to be able to tolerate prolonged high temperatures. In February and November you will have cold nights with the outside possibility of some snow.

Please note our best to go information is generally referring to the walking which may fall in the early or late season in some places. This may mean that not all tourist facilities will be open at the time you visit.

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