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Nepal - Everest region standard grade lodges

Everest Region

In the Himalaya accommodation is often referred to by trekking companies as either tea house or lodge. The terms have been interchanged and misused to the point that the differential is fairly meaningless.  We use the term standard lodge and luxury lodge to differentiate between our two grades of accommodation.

Standard Lodge 

Of these there are many located all along the trails and in the villages of the Khumbu Valley.  More and more are being built as demand outgrows availability in the peak of the season.  In the lower regions of the Khumbu  Valley, some lodges offer rooms with private toilet and shower, but as you travel higher up the valley it is more likely  you will share toilet and washing facilities.  Some lodges offer a hot shower with water heated by solar or heated on the stove and poured into a bucket (locally known as bucket showers)!  There is usually a small charge for hot water.  Often hot water is not available at all and it may be necessary to last several days without a shower or decent wash.  There is little or no electricity higher up the Khumbu but all lodges have a central stove in the dining room fuelled by Yak dung.... these provide welcome heat for warming the body and drying clothing.  Dinner and breakfast are always taken in the lodge and an excellent choice of meals – predominantly vegetarian is served given the lack of supplies.   Accommodation is simple and clean but we advise using a sleeping bag and liner which we supply on arrival.

* please note as you are in very remote mountain locations and if there is prolonged adverse weather conditions  it is always possible, although rare, that you will need to share accommodation.


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