Covid-19 New Experience Minimum Requirements

As the door to travel opens, we understand that you will have an expectation that certain health, safety and hygiene measures are in place before you commit to travel. It is very important to us that we can provide you with the upmost confidence in our service provision. We are therefore working very closely with our local suppliers including hoteliers, transport providers and guided walking partners to ensure a safe holiday experience for our customers.

We have checked that all our providers comply with local rules and laws put in place by local governments, for containment of Covid-19. Although we acknowledge that these local standards and regulations regarding health, safety and hygiene vary from country to country and even region to region, we have identified a number of minimum requirements that we expect our suppliers to comply with. Please see below our list of minimum requirements.

New Experience Holidays Covid-19 Minimum Requirements

All employees have received specific training for the prevention and control of Covid-19 and will follow the necessary health, safety, and hygiene regulations as per local legislation.

All employees will be equipped with any necessary equipment to be able to carry out their work safely and to minimise any infection transmission. Equipment may include mouth and nose protection masks, gloves, and a means for regular hand disinfection

Provision of hand sanitiser points in all public areas.

Increase in frequency of cleaning and disinfection, focusing on all surfaces and objects liable to be touched.

Maintenance of social distancing rules as per local legislation to ensure the minimum distance between people.

If necessary, the capacity of people permitted in public/indoor areas or premises and on transport should be reduced in order to comply with social distancing measures.

Separation of employees from customers. If it is possible put up a physical barrier or screen e.g. In reception or in vehicles.

Introduction of alternative safe handling practices for luggage

Cleaning and sanitising of vehicle before and after each use.

There should be a procedure in place for the quarantine or isolation of any affected customer, group, or staff member. New Experience Holidays will be kept informed throughout the incident as appropriate.