The majestic almost perfect volcanic coned mountain of Pico Alto at 2352m is the highest peak in all of Portugal. It dominates the island which measures 46km long and 15km wide. However upon closer inspection this island inhabited by farmers fishermen and whalers will fascinate you.

The long tradition of whaling now ceased leaves a whale watching industry second to none and some fine museums dedicated to its history. 

Pico has world heritage vineyards as they were created by breaking up the hard lava covering the earth to build rock walls then planting vine cuttings in small circles of fertile soil.

The Walking

You can take a walk on the slopes of Mount Pico Alto and explore the effects of the volcanic eruptions and lava flows. Walk along the coast linking Pico’s villages dotted along the coast and nestling between bright green vegetation and vineyards. 

They have a unique character the houses are built of blocks of dark lava and colourful fishing boats adorn the small harbours. You can walk to the top of Pico Alto with a guide which we can arrange in advance as part of the holiday. 

Local transport is rare and of little benefit to a walker, neither hotel is close to the walks. Taxis to the start and finish of each walk can be arranged by our local representative. Most walking can be reached from a base in Faial but it is best to stay on Pico.

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