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Nepal is a landlocked country with a population of 30 million and borders with Tibet (China) on one side and India on the other three. It is nearly four times the size of Switzerland and has the Himalaya Mountains all along its Northern border with Tibet.  The country has 23 official languages which is indicative of the ethnic mix to include many tribal and ethnic groups throughout the land. The country has a rich history and was an independent monarchy until five years ago when it became a Democratic Republic.  Unlike neighbouring India, Nepal was never actually under British rule, but there are strong links with the UK - the most visible sign being the Brigade of Ghurkhas in the British Army. This battalion is made up of volunteers mostly from the mountainous regions and one major constituent of the army is the Gurung people who are mostly found in the Annapurna region. A major ethnic group in the Everest area is the Sherpa people – a Sherpa is often the term used for a porter, generally because most of the porters in the region are of Sherpa descent. Without doubt, Nepal is financially one of the poorer countries in the world, but the people are ever happy and smiling, so kind welcoming to foreign visitors and they still maintain a way of life that holds many traditional values so often lost by countries holding greater monetary wealth.  However, it must be said that there are many cultural differences and always bear in mind that things are not always undertaken at the speed or in a way in which we are used to in the west so do travel with an open and patient mind.

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Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya is seen by most walkers as the ultimate trek that can ever be undertaken. No-one will ever leave Nepal without agreeing with this statement! You will have the opportunity to walk along good paths through Gerang or Sherpa villages alongside glacier-sourced mountain streams with the highest mountains in the world as a constant backdrop. You will see outstanding physical features in the landscape, visit ancient monasteries, experience life without mechanization as well as having the opportunity to interact with the local cultures of the people that have been farming this beautiful land for centuries.  The paths are generally well maintained as they are the ‘highways’ interlinking communities. Steeper sections are stepped for ease of use and all the treks have a number of suspension bridges to encounter.  The paths are all used by the local people for their everyday living as there are no roads in the Everest Khumbu Region and only a few kilometers on the outskirts of the Annapurna Region.  During every hike you will encounter porters carrying their huge loads and caravans of yaks or dopziu (part yak, part cow) packed with all the essentials of hillside living, as well as some non essentials for the tourists!

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